Capitalism will be its own destroyer

Dog walkers

of Colchester. We are about to lose a wonderfully diverse walk. If the MOD and Capitalism driven planners get what they want, Middlewick Ranges are under threat. A wonderfully diverse, ecosystem will be gone if we allow the capitalism to win,

Middlewick Ranges The Capitalism Greed

This local environment, hosts everything from adders to buzzard. Badgers and countless birds, insects, flora and fauna, that i have very little hope of ever being able to identify.

I wouldn’t normally get involved. However I didn’t know this was happening which annoys me. newspapers are a source of anxiety and irrelevance I have very little time for.

Capitialism is Relevant

The Law protects some of these species. This may stop the developers so this is relevant. Whether an adder bite, is something we like the idea of or not . So help us to get the word out there, and stop Colchester becoming a Mecroplis, where soon (to borrow a reference from last nights Doctor Who,) oxygen will be a luxury we have to pay for, eventually

Capitalism rise in income for the council

Capitalists are taking over Colchester and by my calculations there are nearly 4000 new homes in the planning. Which means at £100\ month a boost in Council earnings of nearly £5,000,000  of which admittedly a large percentage will go to Central government but the local or at least county council will get a boost in their income too. With the struggling infrastructure of Colchester let alone all the other areas of the UK how do they intend to use this extra income hopefully to the benefit of those who pay the extortionate Council Tax.

  • Improve our access to the Doctors.
  • Overwhelmed Schools
  • Dentists.
  • The hospitals and walk in clinic.

Above all give the homes to those who need them not the massive influx of foreign capitalists who will exploit the market by buying up the housing and renting them out.


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