If a tree falls but no ones around 

The Old Oak

This old Oak was felled by the storm in February 2017, yet she has fresh green growth along her length.

I wonder if we were to direct her trunk how old she would be, it is, I believe still a measure of aging, to count a trees rings. I would say with little doubt we’d find the mighty oak lived thru both world wars, and with Colchester being the uk oldest garrison town, soldiers probably trained nearby to this tree for the Boer war at least.

If as JRR TOLKIEN wrote, if the trees could talk or move what stories might they tell, im sure a forensic search may turn up some musket shot, or ancient arrow head.

I’m sure there is someway of aging a living tree, perhaps if we knew the average yearly growth rate, we could age a tree by measuring it’s height. I’d guarantee that some if these trees pre date the world’s oldest person

I must also wonder what species these mighty woods have seen:

  • Foxes, still
  • Badgers, still
  • Wolves maybe
  • Buzzards still but what other hawks
  • Adder still
  • Grass and smooth snake still
  • Slow worm I’ve seen
  • A diversity of insects most of which may dine on my blood
  • I’ve on one occasion seen a false widow spider

I have detailed before the symbiotic relationship we have with the trees and therefore I must also offer that the campaign to save middlewick ranges also has bearing in fridaywoods because if they sell one, they will eventually sell the other. In fact where I now live was a recently as 20 years ago still a fully paid up part of the woods.

Investigate the web site, and see what we share our environment with.


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