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I’ve already introduced you to Stella, well like all dogs, she needs her walks at least twice a day.. Well of course I like to vary it for me as much as her, so I’ll list some of the most popular that I either use or am aware of;

  • Fridaywoods. An array of walks through some of the most ancient woodland in the uk.
  • Middlewick ranges. which are threatened by capitalism and the influx of immigrants.
  • Cudmore grove, mersea. Never been but I’m told it’s beautiful.
  • Mersea island. The more touristy section of the island, but has recently had problems with broken glass.
  • The garrison. A tarmac walk that in my case goes around the mibkwick est and back down the side of the working garrison. With 2 or 3 mile variants available.
  • The Roman burial grounds, which was a major archaeological site of the last 15 years now a popular dog walking site.

Drawbacks of the Colchester walks

All these sites have their threats though,

The presence of adders is known In fridaywoods, cudmore and middlewick however I never saw a live one thru the entire summer.

Then there is Dedham vale 6 miles outside Colchester. The venue of the “Haywain” perhaps John Constable’ s most well known work.

Abberton reservoir is another walk I have yet to check out however also home, apparently, to our friend the adder. I may be wrong but Abberton is an Essex wildlife trust venue and I believe all dogs must be kept on the lead.

Highwoods on the northern edge of Colchester is also a lovely walk however you do have to pay for parking. The paths around these woods are a series of loops so it’s not so easy to get lost but if you do it will not be long before you come upin.a wander or another walker.



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  1. Excellent post, we are really lucky with the wide variety of nature around us.
    Also nearby is Fingringhoe wildlife trust….that one’s like entering a different country with far reaching views and Abberton with its reservoir – go there on a duxford day and you may see a Lancaster bomber fly low over the reservoir on its way home….I did!

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