4 blinds of Sherlock Holmes

Arthur Conan Doyle likes to use threads in his creation of Watson and Holmes. He likes to use  Blinds  Same names  Hidden rooms A dummy  Signals  It’s the furst of these I shall highlight in this post.  The 5 blinds The redheaded league  The 3 Garridebs The mulatto in Wysteria lodge  The stockbrokers Clarke  In …

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Inspirations of the Hound of the Baskervilles and Baskerville Hall 

The scenery of The hound of the Baskervilles Has had me curious as I listen to Stephen Fry narrate the greatest of Conan Doyle’s  Detective stories. Baskerville Hall is disputed as to it real inspiration, one claim is the estate of Clyro in Powys mid wales,  where Doyle is known to have made notes referring …

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small acorns

Another walk, Stella seriously mate 

So much for winding down, Stella has an upset stomach do we’re out for a walk again. This time going along Berechurch Hall Rd into Mersea Rd and into the back of the woods. Berechurch Hall Rd is still remarkably busy with vans and cars hurrying everywhere, buses too. The grey clouds and the drop …

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Winding down after a day of frustration 

You know those days when you need everything to go right, no red lights only green, well today both to and from Portsmouth was fine it was only whilst there I had delays, 2 hours worth again. But thankfully I made it back to meet the engineer who was fixing our hot water, after four …

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The cattle

A drizzly start 

It’s 4.30 am and I’m off to Portsmouth shortly so im.walking Stella who as I’ve said before doesn the like the rain, she picks up speed trying to pull me along behind but that’s equivalent to a moped pulling a range rover. From the puddles in the field it appears to have been raining heavily …

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A quiet start to Tuesday 

I’m not starting so early today, a short run to Oxford but not collecting until 8am, locally. It’s just gone 6am and I’m up and out with Stella, and as I don’t clock on until 7 I’m giving her a longer wander than normal. There are patches of blue in an otherwise cloudy grey sky, …

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More strings to the Bow 

I’m now blogging on a new site, on which I’m hoping will see reviews of Local events Restaurants Holiday parks You name it, if you want a review  of a tourist activity I’ll get the review, it maybe Glastonbury Or the approaching v festival at Highlavds park in August. It maybe that you’re wanting publicity …

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SHERLOCK the modernised version with Cumberbatch as Holmes

Just one place in India, Holmes and the sign of four 

Why is Agra the next in my series Just one place in, because i’m a self confessed fan of Sherlock Holmes, and one if the most famous stories and Conan Doyle’s second outing for Holmes “the sign of four” in which Jonathon Small and his small but lethal Tonga an Andomon islander companion are chased …

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the river walk Halstead

Old haunts, but good memories of Halstead Essex

As a teenager the only way you’d be able to follow the river walk in Halstead, would be with a pair of waders on, but then that’s my memories. As I said before in a previous post my hometown and Halstead so much of the town has changed, Electric motor developments END will soon be …

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Another female Stag Beetle

On the hunt for anything in Fridaywoods 

After this find last night, a female Stag beetle, which according to the Essex Wildlife trust is on the endangered list my curiosity is up as to what else I may find in Fridaywoods Colchester So it’s 630 am on a cooler Saturday on June and Stella and I are off on a walk thru …

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