Trawling between Lowestoft and Winterton with Stella at our side

A delayed start to the day because Lou needed a doctor, but I must praise the surgery who were to my surprise able to see her within an hour of my call.

After that we headed for Great Yarmouth where we dud a little shopping, well the ladies did a little shopping, I stayed outside using treats to dissuade Stella from growling and barking at every dog that came within reach.

After a relatively cheap lunch, foot long jumbo sausage in a stick for me, we walked briefly along the pier, then jumped in the car and had a drive from on me end of Yarmouth to the other then onto Lowestoft passing thru Gorleston feeling fairly uninspired we returned to Hemsby where Stella and I walked and saw the trawler above. I was very surprised at how close in it was.

Once we discovered that the local chippy didn’t use fresh fish we drove to Scratby where we had a some amazing cod n chips which was promptly devoured upon our return to the sundowner holiday park.

I think it is more than fair to say Stella has had the life of Riley today, having ignored her breakfast she’s had 2, count them, 2 sausages and we have walked around 12 miles, she got snorted at by a horse pulling a landau, and had some ice cream, not a great deal, mind.

Stella is now walking the same route we did last night as I am not sure I would still be awake from any more effort walking along the dry sandy beach and it’s not really warm enough to go in the sea so poor Stella, has to endure a normal type of walk thru local fields and woodland, but then she wont complain as i think she has more than enjoyed the week so far.

But then Stella is a licky dog, as some would have stuck her in Kennels.

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