Up and at them, day 4 in Hemsby 

Stella on the beech at Hemsby

Well Stella and I are up, early, like a normal working day, even though it’s not. It seems a little windy again but then we are in the coast.

We’ve come out of the camp and headed along into the village and then turned on to Back Market Lane to see where it’ll take us. There are hedges on both sides giving us some cover from the wind, the sun is slowly beginning to burn thru the clouds to the east.

We come on another campsite, which does not allow dogs, well that’s that one out of the running for next year. A run if Poplar trees front the site alongside the odd oak.

An old oak, called the King oak, which I saw yesterday at Fairhaven is one if the oldest in the UK and would have been a mere sappling when the battle of Hastings was taking place further south.

Stella and I turn to the right and toward the seafront although we’ll not go along the beach this morning, breakfast will soon be ready as we’ve a long day ahead including a brief trip back to Colchester for Lou’ s hospital appointment, then we’re coming back for the remaining 2 nights via Goodestone  another system of gardens.

As we walk in coming Into a source of one if my only addictions so I do my best to avoid the Arcades as I was easily capable of getting into trouble. Some of the seafront cafes are rattling into life as we pass.

As we pass the beach entrance the Sunbreaks thru making the beach more enticing us in, foxgloves line the bank as we walk a dividing line between a virtually cloudless sky and a carpet of cloud. Stella finally gives up pulling to go on the beach acting like a petulant child.

A hairy Rottweiler passes us with his owner, who explains that he us a pure Rotty that was on death row at the local rescue, because Rottweiler with hair are unwanted as they are considered to be impure even though they are.


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