A good hard butt workout 

This last week has been a dam good daily butt workout, the dry sand and the steep climb from Hemsby Beach combine to make an amazing butt and calf workout, every day Stella

And I walked for at least 20 minutes on the beach and in fact Tuesday saw a whole hour in which I was entirely on the beech as I have stated at one end of the beech there is a good hard burst of energy needed to climb the sandy cliff with your feet sinking into the powder dry sand.

Now that I’m home walking stella seems easy by comparison, almost like I’m floating along, I assume, because my gluteals maximus and calves don’t need to work so hard.

Stella seems to miss her walk along the beech too, running in and out of the sea like a child, at one point she seemed to almost be getting some therapeutic service as she stood in the water with her back to the rollers, and her head held high, letting the water run over her body, in fact she seemed disappointed when I had to call her out as another dog was nearby.

I have to come to the conclusion that the beech is better than any gym membership, if your hardy enough, you’ve a great swimming pool, run and leg workout on your doorstep.

Of course i know its not all i need to do, especially now i am home, but i cannot doubt that the scales will be the fanfare of my hard work, this week, i shall endeavor to continue the hard work with working out in the Fridaywoods through the summer, i have, to date, achieved my target 10000 steps every day of my fortnight off, and i shall endeavor to continue.

Oh well that’s enough for now, see you guys again soon, lol later on 



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