A wander in the woods 

Well it’s back to work tomorrow,  4am start, so why does the last day drag when the first 15 feel like they shot by at the speed of sound, the day and a fortnight off close with a wander in the woods with Stella.

The sun is hot still and it’s 530pm and there’s no cloud, some residual puddles remain where the sun cannot get to them. The fern  stands thick like a 2 ft forest and I cannot help but wonder what maybe hiding in amongst them,  as suddenly a drone buzzes overhead I only heard it first, and thought I was going to be i  the middle of a swarm of hornets, but then I saw the annoying thing.

It’s quiet again  as we approach the green arborial canopy that gives us some cover from the heat. Its quiet except for the Twitter of the occasional bird and we turn onto Ramparts lane closing the latch gate behind us.

Stella seems to know that things are going back to normal and that her several walks a day are going to return to the normal 2 but we’ll try to keep up the 10000 steps work allowing, then I can’t help  but wonder what my 10000 steps is to her short legs, however she seems to enjoy it.

The virtual silence seems almost eerie there’s no horses no cacophony of birdsong only the odd tweet and my footfall along with Stellas collar jangling.

I know I’ve said this before but living in a furst floor flat we are lucky to have Stella not only with her temperiment but the fact she makes the best of only being able to go to the toilet on 2 occasions a day unless it’s the weekend.

the king oak Fairhaven

Having seen the king and the queen oak last week I cannot help but marvel at the ages of the oaks surrounding me I know they must be under 900 but it still makes me wonder what they’ve seen in there longevity.


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