Mission middlewick ranges……the hunt continues 

It’s been a while since my last report from the wick which is a battle ground for the moment between developers who want planning permission for a 1000 homes and those if us, including myself, who want to see it left as it is, with its rich biodiverse environment.

I’m on Mersea Rd approaching Wick Lane which I shall turn down if there’s no red flag flying. Its a little muggy now at the end if another warm and humid day, and im watching the skies for signs of Buzzards or Kites, and the grassland when we get onto it for adders or anything in between.

I am glad to say there is no red flag so the lane us at my mercy, if indeed I survive what is sometimes, to me at least, boy racer alley. The speed limit is supposedly 30mph but cars rip along it at twice that. The grass on either side of the lane is over a foot long

Warnings to not touch any ordnance you might find and live firing warnings are dotted along either side along with tank traps to dissuade parking.

Presently the sky is empty and there’s no noise, bird noise at least. A dead tree punches a green hedgerow with its dappled browns as we pass another set of tank traps on the right hand side of the lane as a motorbike and an old fiesta rip passed, obviously racing.

As I near the end of the lane I am so far disappointed I have heard and seen a bird who’s song was unusual but too small for my phone’s camera to find, I hear the odd Twitter however no concrete siting. Maybe the grassland will be more yielding.

So far the only thing I’ve seen as I turn off of the lane is a solitary crow and a magpie the Wick is strangely quiet I turn the corner and my hopes raise, too quick for my camera, two brown and orange butterflies cross my path.

Stella seems to have a rebelliousness in her as she waits for me and as I get within range she bolts
Another dog walker comes into view, a bearded fellow with another Staffordshire bull terrier, tan in colour. We are on the track that cones out by the Cherry tree pub where we’ll cross the Mersea Rd and walk back via part of fridaywoods.

Teddit is darkening as if to suggest an impending storm, another walker announces that her spaniel thinks itself a Rottweiler on legs im not sure whether it would have been so full on had Stella actually been in range. A lone pigeon watches our progress as we enter the back of the woods, things seem more active over this side ad the trees seem full of birds, but then in the distance I can gear multiple shot guns, there too random to be military.

Stella seems more eager as we come onto more familiar and we’ll trodden ground hiwever motorcycle tracks tell of illegal activity in the recent past.  Tree routes would undoubtedly unsettle an in experienced rider.

As we enter the field which marks the end if our walk another lone magpie takes to the trees and my report draws to a close


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