Coast to coast. A day in the life of a courier

the north yourkshire moors to Morecombe Yesterday was the 3rd 4am start of my week so far, it would also become a day of record mileage and took in some awesome views of our country and would take me coast to coast.

the sinister Whitby Abbey and the landing point of Dracula

My first destination was right on the east coast, at Whitby, the only other time I’d been there, we came in over the N York moors ,as I did yesterday, but Whitby was shrouded in fog, you could see the Abbey however. At that time it was easy to see how the legend of Dracula, the dog that came from the see, came to Bram Stokers mind.
Yesterday the drive over the moors was as beautiful as the view down from them down into Whitby.

My second call was 120 miles from Whitby and was to take me coast to coast across the North of England taking in Middlesbrough, Stockton on tees Darlington and eventually my destination  Morecombe, which I believe was the town Eric took his stage name from.

However I didn’t see the coast itself as my drop was slightly inland, but I cannot fail to be wowed by the views and some of amazing bridges and 1:4 ascents and descents of some if the hills on route.

My drive back was in itself  dull, routes that fail to inspire, as my route so far had, coming down the M6 passing Birmingham onto the A14 and M11 and finally the A120 to Colchester.

The day was in fact my favourite day of the 4 years i have spent in the service of my employer, at least until i got back onto the M6 leaving Morecombe.

By the time I got home I had completed 690miles which had I been in a tacographed vehicle would have seen me writing this from the bunk of that vehicle however  I wàs not and thankfully spent the night in my own bed.


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