Early Saturday morning in Fridaywoods with my little mate Stella 

what is lurking in the long grass

It’s Saturday morning and as usual I’m awake around 6am, so Stella and I have gone for her morning walk in Fridaywoods before it hits the predicted mid 20s on the thermometer.

The sun,  where not in shadow, is already warm and I am treated to what remaons of the dawn chorus,over fridaywoods,  I observe shapes flitting about in the upper most branches but no actual birds. Two rabbits scarper upon Stellas approach she is after all about as subtle a hunter as a bull in a China shop.

Two runners cross our path after hurdling the style by the iron gate as Stella and I ascend the short but steep hill out of the tree cover. We are now on the approach to Ramparts Lane and soon the gravel track will give way to concrete hiwever as we walk the gravel path the greens of the hedgerow are punctured by the white flowers mostly if the BlackBerry bushes which will soon yield their juicy

Fridaywoods is easy to get lost in, but if you apply the military principal of walking in one direction until you hit a road or river and are careful of what the woods hide you’ll soon regain your barings.

We’re now into the last hundred yards of the track and I begin to see some activity from the birds which I wish would cone and devour the blood thirsty cloud of gnats that I have to assume are stealing my blood, because I am lucky I do not in fact react to their bite.

Out onto the lane and I cannot help but marvel at the height and simplicity of some of the huge pines whose only leafy growth is in the uppermost branches so as to capture the sunlight.

2 more runners, who I must assume from their appearance are from the Ghurka regiment stationed at the garrison, run passed me at a pace I might consider a sprint but they are known for their hardy attitude.

Stella seems to be a little subdued again now but she pass on slowly by my side insteadinstead of yards ahead I will put this down to her needing her breakfast as do I, but in my efforts to lose weight I chose to walk her first although she ignored her breakfast already sat waiting for her.

Tomorrow weather allowing I may go through the other side keeping Stella under right leash as I’m told there are more, shall we say interesting, critters to be seen. But then to my surprise the vehicle barring gates are open perhaps for some military exercise.

Under the canopy of the trees Stella seems to regain her composure but then it is not by any means hot, or even notably warm but equally not cold as I stand here writing this in shorts and a vest top.

Small gnarly oaks for among some other trees to whose identity I could only suggest maybe beach and alder with little knowledge but There are no pines for now.

The canopy is now a growing chorus of birdsong as we pass another open gate leading me to further assume a military exercise if some kind soon I shall assume some porta loos will give haven walkers who are need of a comfort break.

We now approach a choice

  • Turn right into the back of he estate


  • Walk on over Berechurch Hall Rd and around the newer estate first

I think I will allow Stella the choice as she seems to grow weary.

Her choice was to turn to the right cutting about half a mile from her walk within minutes I shall pass the home if Stellas mate Rocky and again within a similar amount if minutes I shall be home from our walk in Fridaywoods


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