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Ok readers especially those in the UK will know it’s been really hot and that it is going to be for the next few days. So how do you keep your dogs cool?

In an effort to keep Stellas temperature down and keep her from overheating I am doing the following

  1. Cutting down the length of her walks and walking her at the extremes of the day, it’s 6am now and I will probably not walk her again until 6 or 7pm
  2. Fans running in the rooms to keep the air moving
  3. We bought a cooling mat which dud at first have some results but it does need time to recover it’s cooling effect.

I find myself wondering what other simple tips other people could offer and could help not just Stella but all the other dog owners who may read this.

The UK is without doubt getting hotter. Whether down to global warming, the greenhouse effect, the ozone layer or what it can’t be reversed. So the dog owners need to learn and fast, especially if like us you live in a flat limiting you’re means.

How lucky are we

Those frowning right now will on reading other posts realise how lucky we are. Stella is so good with the conditions she enjoys. Stella has a habit, to louise’s delight of whining when I am delayed. But all in all we are lucky with our cool little Staffordshire bull terrier.

One other draw back with Stella, this may be a Staffy thing. Her Glands, we regularly have to get the Vet to express them. Namely every three months or so.

It pains me seeing owners walking their dogs on baking hot pavements and out on walks in the midday sun. But then they do say, mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun. 

These mats work, we have one for Stella

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