Just one place…..breaking the rules in My Home country

My Home Country

The next in my series Just one place will be England in which I can break my own rule, as it is my home country, therefore I can go anywhere unchecked.

  1. I offer London with its many attractions, including the houses of parliament, Westminster Abbey and the Tower. London is also becoming a diverse city with many religious buildings and I have mellowed toward our guests.
  2. I offer Whitby, as detailed the Abbey was the resting point, and landing point of count Dracula and the North Yorkshire moors that envelope it
  3. I also offer Oxford one if the two university cities that crown the pinnacle of the UK academics. It scenic attractions the draw of the author of Morse.
  4. Then there’s the whole county of Cornwall, with its beautiful rolling countryside and it’s moors.
  5. Then there is Kent the garden of England who’s beauty is in abounded.
  6. I also live in one of the most historic town of Colchester it’s castle and Roman burial grounds.
  7. Twickenham or wembley stadiums back in London, and I suppose lords and the Oval 4 of the great sporting arenas of Rugby, football or the much hated, by me, phrase Soccer and the last two test match venues for the summer sport of cricket

Its many attractions

My home country, England has many attractions that I cannot list here, nor could I do all of them justice in these posts if I devoted one to each of them. And with the rising summer climate it is more enjoyable than ever.



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