A quiet start to Tuesday 

Off to Oxford

I’m not starting so early today, a quiet run to Oxford but not collecting until 8am, locally.

It’s just gone 6am and I’m up and out with Stella, and as I don’t clock on until 7 I’m giving her a longer wander than normal.

There are patches of blue in an otherwise cloudy grey sky, the birds are in the closing scene of their Dawn chorus and we are being watched by a crow, sitting on a lamp post like some sentry.
Like so many walks I’ll turn into Ramparts ln shortly and loose Stella leash. Whether I turn left and keep the walk shorter or carry on to the end and on round thru Fridaywoods is down solely to time.

Ramparts Lane

Now into the Ramparts lane, pictured above, Stella is freed from her lead. I keep vigil for drivers, especially those who cannot read the 20mph written on the sign.

The arborial canopy is a lush mixture if green and the noise of the traffic is dropping, as a murder of crows begin an argument, probably over seniority or a scrap of food.

I decide to turn left off the lane, going into the back if the estate. Stella has done what she needs to. I won’t go into detail but then she’s had her weetabix, chicken and rice already.

We’re coming out of the protection of the canopy now. It’s neither warm no cold and I am wearing my work issue shorts so I’m definitely not cold.

The cattle are in the back field. So with so many horror stories of dog owners being trampled to death. I’ll not be going in there for a while.
A solitary black bird crosses our path as we get to the end of the path. Back into the estate, for a second I thought I saw an adder but a second glance says not.


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