With reverence to Sherlock Holmes 

From the learning of Cartwright  It was thru my antics with Mr Sherlock Holmes that I had the opportunity to learn to read and right.  I had the opportunity to assist him during the case described by Watson as the Hound of the Baskervilles.  In the first instance it was a studious search if littler …

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The Great Teacher of Sherlock Holmes

  From the Pen of Stanley Hopkins of the Great Teacher Sherlock Holmes  I was fairly young when i had graduated as Scotland yard Detective and i attended a number of lectures from what some of the experienced detectives called a a theorist, Sherlock Holmes, I would go on to call him the great teacher …

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From the Pen of the Lion Hunter Leon Sterndale 

Received in the post Rat 221b Baker street London from the Lion Hunter  I have the greatest respect for Sherlock Holmes as a Lion Hunter of some renown, who knows he had my neck in his hands I don’t know why he let me go but I guess he could see that I wasn’t a danger …

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From the journal of Athelney Jones 

An extract from the journal of inspector Athelney Jones.  Before my good fortune of working with Mr Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson I had attended a lecture by the theorist, who it would transpire was very rarely wrong however according to Dr Watson’s writing I am not the only one who owes his career to …

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stopping distances

Be aware of the truck, stopping distances increase

Rant alert  Ok im going to have a but of a rant here but I’m sure it’ll ring true especially on LinkedIn. Car drivers take a look at this Now I drive a 7.5 tonne truck so you can take these distances and probably multiply them up by 15 assuming the average car weighs half …

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Sherlock Holmes, from viewpoint of Chief Inspector G Lestrade 

From the journal of Chief Inspector Lestrade upon his retirement from Scotland Yard  It in no small part that I owe my rise in Scotland Yard to my friend and ally Sherlock Holmes of 221b Baker street London. I had some other business in a case of fraud as I recall before my colleague Gregson …

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Julys lessons in blogging 

July has seen a big learning curve in self hosting blogs so if you need lessons in blogging then read on. With my mentor Tim Stevens I opened a second site friendlytravelguide.com for which we are looking for guest bloggers who would be most welcome to add links to their own sites and further lessons …

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Arthur Conan Doyle thinks little of the Justice of the peace 

It strikes me that Arthur Conan Doyle thought very little of the post of justice of the peace, as in both The adventure of the Glorious Scott The Reigate squire In both of these he turns the Justice of the peace into a criminal, in one case a former criminal deported to Australia and in the …

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The thing about Blackmail, the cruellest crime

In the canon of Sherlock Holmes, Blackmail raises it’s ugly head several times, but most notably in the case of Charles Arthur Milverton who buys incriminating material, mostly about ladies of high society who about to  be wed. As Sherlock Holmes points out if the victim of milverton goes to the police, milverton may get …

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Jeremy Brett as Sherlock holmes, the definitive Holmes

The canon of Sherlock Holmes, an analysis of the Canon

I need not cover all 56 short stories or the 4 novels of the Canon of Sherlock Holmes The study in scarlet The sign of the four The hound of the Baskervilles The Valley of fear in any great detail and I have in several posts lately highlighted several themes that run throughout the entire …

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