The Blog evolves as we learn 

I note looking at the analytics of my most popular posts are my series, just one place in, in which I detail some of the places I’d visit in each country if it were the only place in that country I were allowed to visit, or my meagre research into Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the number one consulting detective Sherlock Holmes.

I admit there is only so far I can take the antics of Stella and I because lovely as our walks are I find myself describing the same old things.

If I could come up with a renewed angle, I’m open to suggestions, on this i wòuld willingly continue, and of course should we have any new adventures or places to describe then Stella will ‘re emerge but as I say for now i am going to concentrate on new angles and Just one place, Sherlock Holmes and other literature I am discovering.

Ironically I am writing this whilst out with Stella on grotty morning in the woods, the wind is shaking the trees white briskly and I’d gamble on getting wet before we reach home again.

The woods don’t change and neither does Stella, unless some major catastrophe happens they won’t change but my blog must, I have a few interesting articles lined up ‘re Holmes and will endeavour to research some new material for Just one place.

Maybe as the woods evolve into autumn there’ll be New material as blackberries darken, conkers open and leaves brown and die off.

There is one thing worth noting though several porta loos adorn the woods suggesting maybe a military exercise however that suggests the army being a little too relaxed as you’d not have facilities in the field of combat.

My new travel blog will I hope become a popular reference as it too evolves and I gain guest bloggers to add material.


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