From the Pen of the Lion Hunter Leon Sterndale 

Sherlock Holmes

Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes

Received in the post Rat 221b Baker street London from the Lion Hunter 

I have the greatest respect for Sherlock Holmes as a Lion Hunter of some renown, who knows he had my neck in his hands I don’t know why he let me go but I guess he could see that I wasn’t a danger to anyone else.

Brenda Tregganis was a beautiful woman whom I loved and she loved me but the law of the time meant we couldn’t be together as I was married and unable to divorce. But I spent a lot if time with her if I wasn’t in Africa as a Lion Hunter

Her God forsaken brother Mortimer learnt from me about the Devils foot route and how it worked also that it was untraceable. When the old curate telegrammed to me at Plymouth I knew the rogue had stolen some if the potentially lethal powder, but it would drive it’s inhaler insane at the very least.

I knew of the feud between Mortimer and his siblings but my blood boiled when I realised that cunning little weasel had slain my one true love.

I even took a chance and went to see if the great detective had an alternative theory but I think that was a mistake as it seems it put him on my trail.

In his own words he he watched me and how he knew my steps including how I drew the weasel Mortimer down with grit from my front drive I’ll never know. But I knew the shelf in the lamp would generate enough heat to activate the poison and I had my pistol drawn if he tried to escape.

Imagine my surprise when I had a telegram from Holmes almost summoning me to his cottage. I had to try and deny it all, didn’t I.

He layed it all before me, I could feel the noose tightening around my neck as he described my every action, he’d make a good deal if he used his apparent tracking skills in my own field in Africa.

I thought my goose was cooked and in my mind I could see the gallows waiting for my neck but Holmes knew he alone could hang me as he had deduced my method, I have little doubt I could have killed him of I had to, if his colleague Dr Watson hadn’t been there, but I didn’t need to, Holmes let me go for whatever reason to return to Africa and continue my dities as a Lion Hunter

I joined another ship bound for Africa, I never went back to England after that as it held no attraction for me as Brenda was gone and Cornwall would only now make me sad as it once made me happy.

I made good friends, if you can call tgem friends of a tribe who’s witch doctors treat me now for some form of fever that will no doubt claim me, so I write this before the delirium takes hold.

I bare no I’ll will to anybody and I take comfort in knowing that Lucifer claims his own and I welcome death with a good heart.

Thanks Sherlock 

Regards Leon Sterndale 

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