The Great Teacher of Sherlock Holmes


Black peter

The adventure of Black Peter

From the Pen of Stanley Hopkins of the Great Teacher Sherlock Holmes 

Meeting Sherlock Holmes

I was fairly young when i had graduated as Scotland yard Detective. After attending a number of lectures from what some of the experienced detectives called a a theorist, Sherlock Holmes. I would go on to call him the great teacher. He was the best lecturer a detective could listen to.

Our case history

I would go on to work with him in three mysterious jobs, that Dr Watson would write up as

  1. The adventure of Black Peter
  2. Adventure of the Golden Pince Nez
  3. The adventure of the abbey grange

The job referring to Black Peter was a strange one. Having been called in and I ultimately calling in the experience of Sherlock Holmes the great teacher and detective. Peter Carey an old sea captain of the sea Unicorn. Found dead in his cabin impaled by a large harpoon. I admit I felt a little out of my depth and as i say I called in Holmes to help. He noticed the Cabin something was missing. He appeared a little perturbed by the Harpoon, which just appeared to be a murder weapon to me. Another main clue was a tobacco pouch that appeared to have Peter Carey,s Initials on it. There was no evidence that he smoked.

The chief suspect?

A young guy appeared to incriminate himself. By his own admission had a motive as he had linked Black Peter to the disappearance of his father. His father was attempting to clear himself of charges of theft and fraud. John Hopley Neligan, the young man to who i refer, attempted to burgle the cabin twice. My great teacher noted his slight build but i had little choice to arrest him.

Holmes guides my hand

clearing him with the evidence of the Harpoon was down to Holmes convinced would take an extreme effort even of his own strength, he appeared convinced that it would take extreme strength and experience to impale Black Peter with a single throw.

For a couple of days I saw nothing of holmes, but he summoned me to 221b Baker Street and Mrs Hudson admitted three men who turned out to be seamen wanting to see Capn Basil. Who again appeared to be Sherlock Holmes, my Great teacher and friend. The third guy came in, Patrick Cairns, note the initials PC. A large man with shoulders and arms bigger than my leg. Holmes appeared to enlist him on a voyage, but then arrested him for the murder of Carey.

Holmes traps the right man

Cairns intended to black mail Carey as he knew what had happened to Neligan senior, whom had been tipped over board in the cold seas of the Norwegian Seas. which gave Neligan the younger some comfort upon our telling him, Carey had apparently gone for a weapon in the cabin and Carins by his own admission grabbed a Harpoon and threw it at Carey impaling him on to the wall of the cabin.

In the adventure of the Golden Pince Nez, 

I had already applied some of what i had learnt from the great teacher, i had searched the gardens for foot prints and found some approaching the house where the secretary Willoughby Smith, who was in the employ of Professor Coram who was in his own words writing his opus. in the room of death i found Mr Smith with a small pallet knife in his neck which was quite obvioulsy the murder weapon. i also found a Small golden Pince Nez.


I took the Pince Nez to Holmes at 221B Baker street, who quickly from this single clue deduced a description of short sighted woman, and a description of her facial features at least. We visited the home of prof Coram where upon being offered a cigarette Holmes appeared to smoke, a lot to Dr Watson’s Dismay. even worse he let the ash drop all over an area of the room, but he appeared to be up to something.

The Russian connection

We went and had a small lunch where Holmes questioned the cook to Coram’s appetite, we went back to the room of Coram’s bed and to my complete astonishment and a little persuasion a woman of whom Holmes’ description was very accurate revealed herself from her hiding place, and told us the most amazing Back Story, of her and Coram being Russian and being married, and how Coram had betrayed the Brotherhood and the friend of her heart, Her own words, of Whom Coram had retained some letters that would clear him of all crime, but because of the Betrayal Alexis was in a Siberian Salt mine.

However i was to make no arrest as before coming from her hiding place, had taken a dose of poison, arsenic according to Watson.

The Abbey Grange

In the adventure of the Abbey Grange I was to make no arrest, but Holmes was involved in the investigation at my request but it appeared to be a simple case of Burglary gone wrong, Three notorious Burglars had been active in the area, but it appeared to Holmes that it was strange that burglars would be active again so quickly. But Sherlock Holmes appeared perplexed but i am told he returned to The Abbey Grange upon the three glasses of wine and the bell rope that had been torn down. He checked the bell rope end, which he deduced had been cut in fact, so beginning to dis believe the story that the two ladies whom had been from Australia and came to the UK via the Rock of Gibraltar.

Off the hook

I later found out from Watson’s memoirs that Holmes had in fact grilled the ladies for the real story. They would reveal nothing, however upon investigating at the shipping office to whom the Rock of Gibraltar belonged. Summonimg by telegram, the captain of the Rock, Captain Jack Croker. It appeared he’d acted in defence of the lady of the house. Upon being discovered talking to Croker by the Dead man, lord Eustace Brackenstall. Who was by evidence and abusive man, an abusive creature. It had by all accounts been a fair fight and Croker bore wounds of it, but the younger man had won out.

I bare no Ill will to Sherlock Holmes for this action. I believe it was a just action. If I had any of the evidence that Holmes had, i would have had no choice in the matter. My duty and office would have had me, arrest Croker. There would be every chance that if found guilty by a jury. He would have found his neck in the noose that he did not deserve. 

My great teacher is in no way an undeserved title for Sherlock Holmes. As a great teacher he was to a great deal of the members of Scotland Yards elite. 

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