With reverence to Sherlock Holmes 

From the learning of Cartwright 

Cartwright in the case of the Baskervilles

It was thru my antics with Mr Sherlock Holmes that I had the opportunity to learn to read and right.

I had the opportunity to assist him during the case described by Watson as the Hound of the Baskervilles.

In the first instance it was a studious search if littler bins, I was looking for am edition of the Times with words cut out from the lead article, I had no luck but Mr Holmes let me keep the shillings I had left.

Then a day or two after Watson had gone with Sir Henry down to Devonshire I had the idyllic county with Sherlock. I had a lot to do at that point.

  1. Go check the mail for any diverted postal reports from Dr Watson.
  2. I had to Holmes laundry and get his daily food taking both to a cave, on one occasion I thought I saw a flash of sunlight from one of the towers of a building in the distance.
  3. I also to had to shadow Watson, avoiding the attention of the escapee on the moor.

Watson was easy to follow but may not have been if he’d any idea we were there. It appeared after a few days that Holmes had disappeared, but I found a note from him in the face saying he was ok and tgat he needed me to meet him at the station with further kind to do back in london.

A telegram to Lestrade

I met him and I had a telegram to take to inspector Lestrade.

What happened further to that which I know is documented in the documentary evidence of Watson’s writing under “The hound of the Baskervilles!”

As for me, Holmes paid for my education which my father appreciated embarrassingly. Giving me the opportunity to rise within the Hotel industry. I am now learning the trade of being a hotel manager.

With thanks to Sherlock Holmes 


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  1. Thanks. This is interesting to read about what to find out about Cartwright the forgotten man. I liked the including of the incidence of old man Franklin mentioning seeing Cartwrright.

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