Inspector Tobias Gregson of Scotland Yard on Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

By the time I first worked with Sherlock Holmes I thought I knew everything, i was alreadý pretty set in my ways, but he came along with a way if looking at everything in a new light!

It was methodical, slow and painstaking, he would look for footprints and minute detail and his brain seemed to be library of every crime ever committed.

Well the first time I worked with Holmes, Lestrade and I had been assigned the case Dr Watson would describe as the Study in Scarlet, one of uniform had investigated a light in a window of a house that was deserted, it was later condemned as the drains were to far gone, down in Laureston ave Brixton South of the river.

To my eye there was little evidence but Holmes saw the tracks of a cabby that started his successful line, he saw signs of 2 people’s foot prints and that only one had left.


There was blood everywhere but no wound to The body of Enoch Drebber and then Greg rushed in excited he found RACHE scrawled on the wall in blood, we both thought it would have been completed as Rachel but Holmes pointed out tgat Rache was German for Revenge.

Holmes asked me for the name and address of the constable who’s made the gruesome discovery and went off to interview him. In the mean time I found a scent thru drebbers hat I traced him to a lodgings of the Charpontier family where it turned there’s been a confrontation between Drebber and young naval officer son of the household.

I arrested him and Lestrade went after Stangerson who was to be found Dead and clear my arrest, which I was prematurely bragging about in front of Sherlock Holmes.

Lestrade bought back a pill box which seemed to me Holmes was expecting. For an instant they seemed inert as Holmes used half of one to despatch a dog that was dying anyway, but the second pill worked.

The real killer

Then with a struggle we were able to make an unexpected arrest. As a cabby arrived and by some twist or almost slight of hand Holmes had his cuffs locked on.

Once we had Jefferson Hope in custody and Dr Watson had, at Hopes request, examined him. The custody officer allowed a complete statement to be taken, which was one of the strangest of ever take. It would involve Salt lake city and the Mormons and as Holmes surmised Revenge. Revenge for the kidnapping and forced marriage of Hopes love Lucy Ferrier.

It almost made me wish I wasn’t a warranted officer of the law. I had sympathy for the man’s plight however I was duty bound. But he would not see trial as his anurism burst, the night after we’d arrested him.

Another case of some note we inadvertently Joined forces in was the case of Red Circle. Which in time would be revealed to be a splinter of the Mafia. I’d been approached by an agent of the American detectives the Pinkertons. We were on the trail of its leader Black Gorgano.


Holmes had been on the same trail but from a different angle. Across the street from Gorgano’s address was a boarding house with a mysterious guest. It was survey led Holmes to the same address we were heading for. Where we found Gorgano stone dead with the notorious Red Circle cut into his forehead.

In the case Dr Watson would narrate as the case of the Greek interpreter. I was called in at the last minute by Sherlock and his corpulent brother Mycroft. With a warrant to enter an address with suspicion of kidnap and murder. I cannot add much as there we’re no arrests and a possible revenge killing on the ocean

I also had little to do with the case of Wysteria lodge apart from putting Baines on to Holmes.



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