A reference for Sherlock Holmes from his landlady Mrs Hudson 

Landlady of 221b Baker street

The inimitable Mrs Hudson

In the late 1880s I advertised my rooms and few people came but I had no good feelings from any until two gentlemen in their late twenties or early thirties came around by the name of Dr John Watson and Mr Sherlock Holmes.

I wasn’t sure at first but the latter paid a deposit and six months rent straight up.

The following day they moved in and I thought Mr Holmes was moving a laboratory into the main room. It turned out that Holmes is a consulting detective, according to Dr Watson, whatever one if those is.

It certainly kept the maids and eye busy with visits from the regular detectives as well as some well to do clients including one who would for some time take Dr Watson from this address into marriage

Holmes also had visits from twelve mucky little street urchins who by all accounts were his eyes and ears on a case, he called them The Baker street irregulars.

Watson visited most days or at least once a week but Mary only came the that once.

On the rare occasions that Sherlock was baffled with a case he could be moody and terse and keep the house awake with his pacing back and forth. On other occasions he’s be almost in a coma from his use of cocaine or opium. I heard Watson take him to task on several occasions over it.

Sherlock mind is a marvellous machine he seems to be able to observe things that us mere mortals don’t notice.

The one thing I can’t fathom is his modesty he has solved several cases and stood back and let Messrs Lestrade and Gregson take the credit and the spoils, on one occasion they even belittled him, but he thought nothing of it.

Sherlock Holmes is a good tenant though, prompt with his rent and has a reassuring way about himself too, his knows he’s calmed me from a few palpitations on several stressful moments. But as a tenant is recommend him without drawback.


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  1. Mrs Hudson must be quite a forgiving person to not hold it against Holmes for shooting up the plaster with the initials V. R.

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