I am Police inspector Peter Jones 

The Red headed league

Out side Jabez Wilsons Pawn Brokers

This is a statement submitted as evidence. 

I Police inspector Peter Jones was in Scotland Yard when uniform summoned me Sherlock Holmes wanted my assistance.

Holmes was standing in the foyer, with a man from the bank and told me by the End of the night I might have my cuffs on the wrists of the master thief John Clay, who would crack a safe in Scotland one week and be in Cornwall the next, building a children’s home.

Holmes,  the Banker and I, went via Baker street where Dr Watson joined us,both Watson and Holmes had revolvers with them and fully loaded.

On Holmes’ advice I had 3 officers stationed near the door to the Pawn Broker Jabez Wilson but out of site.

The gentleman from the bank led us in to the vaults  where he showed us crates of French gold that hadn’t been unpacked, Sherlock was fairly forceful and have orders that we hide and sit in silence.

After some time, we heard movement from above, and within minutes, a slab had been removed and one man lowered himself in and a second close behind, something startled the first who warned the second guy and he bolted from the hole only to be caught by the officers at the front of the shop. The man in the vault pulled a gun but Holmes knocked it from his hand and i had the pride of arresting John Clay.

Clay put up little resistance except for insisting we call him Sir, which with a little sarcasm I did as his arrogance was soon to be in Scotland yards cells. With little doubt soon Clay would most likely be in Prison. upon being presented with over whelming evidence John Clay, pleaded guilty to this attempted theft alone, although we were able to present other cases, which he would try to prove his innocence. Clay eventually got 10 years.


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  1. I often wonder if there is a feeling of resentment on the part of police officals like Jones toward Officers like Lestrade who always seem to get Holmeses help to further their careers ?

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