A letter to The chief of police, re Sherlock Holmes 

Uniform Branch

Whilst we in uniform and the less senior detectives have no resentment towards Sherlock Holmes himself, if what we read from the pen of Dr Watson is true then the likes of Chief Inspector G Lestrade

And inspector Tobias Gregson

have gained considerably by Holmes’ influence. They have had commendations that Sherlock Holmes should have had and they have risen thru the ranks in Sherlock Holmes skill and intellect.

Some of us have attended lectures given by Sherlock Holmes and his approach is different, much more microscopic than our own approach. He has made us all appreciate the mist minute grain of evidence.

The young inspector Stanley Hopkins admits he learnt his own approach from Holmes and we feel that not only should Sherlock be himself commended, even though we know he doesn’t like the limelight, but also the field should be levelled as far as those cases that might need Holmes influence involve a junior detective so that he might learn from the man the whole Force holds in extreme reverence.

Appreciate the Seniors

Whilst we appreciate the seniors are going to get the more serious cases ,Chief. We feel the younger officers would not only revel in the opportunity of working along side Lestrade, Gregson and Athelney Jones. They’d also see the consulting detective Sherlock Holmes at his best. To see a case thru at Holmes’ best would no doubt be a true lesson. For a future detective especially as we are aware of the plans to spread the detectives a little wider so that they can respond quicker to crime.

Thank you for your time


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