Professor james Moriarty I made a mistake!



I am Prof James Moriarty And I write these words whilst in pursuit of Mr Sherlock Holmes, I have no Ill will towards his companion Dr Watson, but Holmes has shut me down my organisation cannot avoid being shut down by Scotland yard since I made a small mistake showing Holmes my involvement in a small disappearance I was paid to make happen.

Sebastian Moran formerly Colonel and big game hunter travels at my side but not directly with me covering me as I fully acknowledge Sherlocks intellect equals my own.

A short meeting

I had a short meeting with Holmes yesterday and I tried but had little doubt he’s not back off. Two attempts on his life failed and he has disappeared, I’ve paid an arsonist to burn 221b Baker street in case but I doubt Holmes would be so stupid.

Moran has followed Watson and I was too late to join the train at Victoria. However I haven’t engaged a special which I have no doubt Holmes will have preempted. His train only stops at Canterbury then on to the boat train at Dover. If I were attempting to allude him I would alite there but there are too many variables so I shall stay on the train and follow their luggage but Moran has a boy at Canterbury just in case.
Two days later 

Thru colonel Moran’s efforts we have traced Holmes and Watson to Meirengen. I have little doubt that he and Watson will visit the falls at Reichenbach. Where I have little doubt I shall meet my demise. However I shall see Holmes’ too. Even then I have to concede he gets his way. He told me himself if it would see my downfall he would gladly accept his own

From Colonel Sebastian Moran

Mr Moriarty told me to take up a position above the falls where I could finish the Fiend Holmes off. I wanted to shoot Watson but Moriarty said no and used a hotel porter to dupe him back to the hotel.  From my position I saw my friend Moriarty and The accursed Sherlock Holmes fight.I thought they would fall into the falls together but only James went over, and I have heard some screams. But that will haunt me until my dying day, on the gallows if Sherlock Holmes gets his way.


I saw Watson return and he appeared to accept that his friend was dead. It appeared to everyone except me that he indeed was. I set about trying to equalise the status and flung several rocks down at Holmes but he got away.

3 Years on. 

Holmes has been spotted in Baker street. No doubt he has me in his sites as the shooter of Adair. I suppose I can confess as I have a plan to shoot him too my spotters have him in Baker street. I happen to know of an empty apartment over the way from 221b.  Where I shall give Scotland Yard another unsolvable murder, no-one is aware of the air rifle I used to kill Adair.
I had little choice but to shoot Adair and it was good pŕactice as I hadn’t shot live for a while.

Tomorrow I expect to be able to write of Sherlock Holmes real demise.I shall not take him for granted.


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