The strangest interview I’ve ever had. By Billy the page

Billy, Holmes page boy

Billy the hard working honest page

Billy the page boy

I am Billy the page, and this is how i got my job with Sherlock Holmes, One of the railway men at Paddington new I was in need of a job and arranged an interview for me at 221b Baker street, he suggested I go smart and be at my sharpest.

The first interview was with a Doctor and he went thru my past, and noted my sporting background as well as my short lived military career, but we got on and he showed me the scarring that had ended his military service.

The second interview was with Dr Watson and a fine upstanding lady who’s name was Mrs Hudson, I gather it was her house so she had to have some say.

The third interview was however the strangest I ever had, it was with the renowned detective Sherlock Holmes, who sat me at the window and asked me questions about the people outside,

  1. What do you make of him? X military by his stature
  2. And him? He’s hiding something im.not sure what but he keeps glancing around as people pass him

Stand up straight

These are a couple of samples of what he asked me then he threw me a short stick and told me to stand up, suddenly and without warning he attacked me, I wasn’t having that so I blocked him it was almost like a sword duel but with two sturdy sticks.

He got a couple of shits thru but not many but I never got one blow thru his defences.

Then he called Dr Watson and Mrs Hudson in and offered me the job as his page not and told me I would be on a trial period and that he would teach me, the finesse of stick fighting.

Mr Holmes was a good governor and only really had cause to rebuke me once when I showed Watson the dummy which awaited some guy called Sylvius and I don’t know how much tongue in cheek was ment when he suggested “no violence Billy” when he sent me to fetch Mr Merton from the street below.

Holmes was good to his word and taught me a lot,

  • How to read
  • The finesse of stick fighting
  • How to use my observational powers to my and his advantage

His knowledge and wisdom was amazing and I feel lucky to now call him a friend.


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