My spare tyre is growing again 


Me Looking tired

I said this was allornothing and it is, so im changing matter again for a time.

My spare tyre is growing a little to much so I must re focusand make a plan I cannot run as my knee is not up to it, but I do have a good fitness tool.

Stella the staffordshire bull terrier

My Favourite ppic of Stella

Stella is without doubt the best fitness aide I have and can easily take two two mile walks per day so there us step 1. I guess step 2 is keeping up the speed. So ‘re enhancing the apps such as Runtastic will be anotger good step and ‘re embracing mfp and 10000 steps is not hard to do. I can throw in a few sets of push ups or squats and return to you tube videos.

Although I was getting frustrated as I was easily staying within my 2000 calorie maximum and was exercising twice a day when work allowed.

Autumn is approaching and the legs will soon be covered up until spring comes around again and Stella will stop puffing and panting so much. The second layer of the duvet will go back on the bed and the winter warmers,

  • Shepherd’s pie
  • Cottage pie
  • Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Casseroles
  • Toad in the Hole

Etc will soon be the menu replacing the salads that see us thru the summer so the calories will go up, not that I’m complaining. But a few quirky ideas for calorie burning will be gratefully received by this 45 year old 15 stone plus male.

See for more of weightloss program

I don’t want to be a muscle bound Adonis just drop a stone and maintain 14 stone and 7lbs and weighing myself today i am annoyed to find i have gone back up to 15 stone 9lbs which although not huge is not good enough by my own standards, i must find a way of stabilising and controlling my weight, so any suggestions are even more welcome than they were before i editied this post.


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