Is it an obsession

A good 2 mile route, highlighted by

Ok so I’m back and here’s my first two mile walk, a total of 4100 steps and I stood tall engaging my abs all the way around, I do have to confess to a five minute break upon meeting a friend.


Comments this week have got me thinking about obsession, I get a little obsessed with a subject, then I can equally switch it off and change tack completely, look at my last two posts compared to the previous thirty is that a true obsession?

I started blogging to get over the loss if my dad in 2012 on and reading some if those posts back I went thru some harsh feelings but blogging sorted my head out, I could see destructive thoughts and could nip the bud also I had a vent for my feelings that at first no body knew about. Blogging also grew an interest in psychology that I would love to expand.

Then earlier this year I made a resolution to “read” more and started reading the Canon of Sherlock Holmes and as my blog posts will bare out, perhaps became a little obsessed however I have always been a fan of SH. I am still working on an idea but im not blogging about it for now.

The thing I notice with all this is I seem to focus on one thing and only one thing, is that obsession?


Also I would like some input on my sleep, I toss and turn which keeps my fiancee awake and gives her an awful night, on her advice I stopped drinking coffee after 3pm but I still toss and turn but no longer wake up wrapped in a cocoon of the duvet leaving Lou with none like I used when we first got together 8 years ago, so any advice on this would be gratefully accepted.

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