Reminiscing and walking around Halstead

Stella and I

Stells and I on way home from a Week away

Renewed effort

Day 1 of my renewed effort to lose my spare tyre, went well completing over 16000 steps and walking around 8 miles in total, one two mile walk which i blogged about yesterday followed by a 5 miler around my home town in Essex, reminiscing and walking around Halstead holds  memories of my youth and then a final walk in the evening of about a mile.

Box mill Halstead Holds many memories for me, mostly fishing on the river colne and spinning for Pike, it is a lovely walk, and completing the loop i went from Box mill along the aptly named Love lane towards gosfield passing my favourite fishing spot where in jun 1980 i went for my first fishing trip with my dad, to Locks pond, a venue that my father actually helped stock.


Locks Pond, White Ash Green near Halstead

It is heart breaking to see it fenced off, because of the untidy few, who have no right to call themself anglers as anglers are careful; in everything they do, so as to contribute to the environment rather than detract from it.

Locks pond

I continued the walk with Stella

Stella in the grass

Stella in the long grass

back down the Gosfield Rd, into Halstead walking along beridge rd passed the old cinema and empire filling station, which being fully mechanical had the honour of being the only filling station you could rely on, during a power cut in the town then back along the Kings Rd thru the park and back to my hosts in Brewery Drive.

The thing i must do now is keep my focus, even if it means re reading the Chimp paradox, to remind myself of the routines i have forgotten, 15 stone 9 is not a weight i consider a good one, i would be happy if i could stabilise at 15 but as i have already said 14 stone 7 would be an ideal target.

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