Walking the wick. Day 2 of my new regime 


a misty morning over the woods

My first visit in a while walking the wick, which should be considered a Nature reserve,  with Stella my trusty side kick. It late August and the objections have all been registered, im.told by somebody in the know about these things that the planners will try to do d a way around the objections.


One of my favourite pics of Stella our beloved Staffy

It is a glorious Sunday afternoon and as I said im.heading over to walk the wick and see what Stella and I can find whilst burning some more calories.

If Wick lane is open then we’ll turn down there towards fingringhoe if not I may have to rethink but then they’re supposedly not using the ranges anymore hence the accursed development plan.

Wick Lane

Indeed the Red flag is not flying so the gate should be open and Mersea Rd seems a little busy for a Sunday afternoon. The fields seem quiet and my eye only finds a walker dressed in red.

Wick Lane

The Mersea Rd End of Wick Lane

We turn in to the lane and within seconds I’m passed by three sportier cars using the lane as a race track ignoring the speed limit. However the trees make a nice cooling canopy as we walk of our lunch.

A Mercedes buzzes passed narrowly missing us, even though there’s plenty of passing room.

Strangely there’s no sound except Stella panting and the cars, although as I write this passage I can here a couple  of twittering birds.


A glut of Blackberries ripe for the picking

The juicy ripening blackberries remind me if a comment I made that I was going to pick some but again forgot the bowl as the silence returns with a solitary bird flying past to high to photograph or confirm an identity.

The coo of a pigeon breaks the silence only to be drowned out by a speeding car again and I note the first signs of Autumn approaching as the fern leaves brown amongst the greens of the remaining fauna.

Wick lane

Further down Wick Lane

Continuing down the lane rosehips punch there ripe red colour into the greenery of the hedgerow.
The lane is busier than I expected as my Runtastic app notifies me I’ve done 8000 steps today but by the time I get home it’ll be beyond the 10000 again.

Still little sound as, to my surprise,.tge most considerate motorist on the lane is a motor cyclist passes by at a slow speed and doesn t rev up when passed us either.

We pass an old gentleman who asks if he can stroke Stella and tells me stories of the wick that I wish I could record but sadly I don’t have the means. He thanks me for stopping and a brief chat.

into the fields

Finally we turn into the grassland and Stella is freed the peace is the first thing I notice and then a couple of cabbage white butterflies in the distance as the Sun comes out from the cover of a cloud.

Behind the clouds

The sun emerging from behind the clouds

A couple of cyclists pass us and my mind asks the question where will they ride where this is all concrete.

Colchester seems to be little but building sites at the moment,.one site of the old garrison has recently been finished and then there’s a massive development around tollgate and within less than a mile another 2 sites so why do we need more land destroyed for the capitalist who just see squares on a map and have probably no idea what the Wick looks like.

Three kids pass by on a lone motorcycle the lad at the controls has no helmet on so pulls up his hoody so that I cannot identify them.

Photo bomb

Stella photo bombed this picture

Foxgloves and the odd dandelion along with a tree Line of oaks surround us as the distant musical note of an ice cream van resonate.


Acorns in the trees mark the turn to Autumn

The woods are ripe with nuts, acorns and berries some less edible than others unless your a squirrel of course. We turn into the oak lined wooded area and onto a walkway and bridge over a small stream.

If I have my bearings right well soon be along the back of the ranges


What is this fungi, edible or not

Those more knowledgeable than I will tell me of this fungi whether best to avoid or to get in butter.

we are now in Adder country I’ve never seen live one and with Stella at my side I’ve little wish to see one today as I’ve little doubt she’d put her nose with biting range.

We’re approaching 14000 steps and are thru 2.5 miles of this walk as we come to the back end of the rifle range that has for so long kept this area green and undeveloped.

Looking at the size of the area, that the range fence encompasses are you seriously suggesting that the you could not fit a thousand new homes inside that area and leave the wick itself alone.

We’ve probably got a mile to mile and a half to go but Stella will still require her evening walk as a turn a corner and sight the first signs of life for a while, a couple out walking their black Labrador. If Stella will allow me I will stop and gauge their view on the plan.

No surprise they’re anti the development and the gentleman tells me stories of his time in Colchester and how the town has developed since he held a rifle on this very range.

We are over three miles now and turning towards the pill box tgat would have slowed the Nazi invasion had it come in 1943 but if that had happened I’ve little doubt we’d all be speaking German now.

Pill Box

The ww2 pill box that was designed to slow the Nazi invasion force

As Stella and I leave the Wick I must draw this post to a close.

Leaving the Wick

Our route from start to leaving the Wick near the Pill Box, The final milage was 4.5


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