Day 3, keeping up the new regime at work 

Stella had a short walk this morning but I got home had my dinner 

  • Chicken chargrill 
  • New potato 
  • Runner beans 
  • Carrot 
  • Peas 

And out for the promised 2 mile walk with my little mate Stella 

I decided extra effort was required so I raised the pace for the second mile 

  1. 22 minutes 
  2. 18 minutes 

From the evidence of the ache in my gluteals maximus the effort had a positive affect and with the total steps over the 8000 I’m happy the effort is there even though below the 10k target. 

I continue to try to find new ways to push myself but must keep the speed walking up,  daily, however I must find new things to throw in to keep the burn going. 

Standing tall and engaging my Abs will add a small boost to the calorie burn and im.doing my level best to ignore the biscuits in the coffee cupboard down the yard where I shall be heading shortly. 

As for day 4 I’ve already done 2000 steps with Stella and as the work seems quiet my steps should be high today but things change so no promises. 

My intellect wins over my amygdala where most treats are concerned there are things I could binge on around me but I need to re engage the chimp paradox lesson of the question 

Do I really…..

in this case Do I really want the extra food? Or can I spread it thru the day which will help keep the burn going as I will have no spikes or dips in my blood sugar hence the cravings. 

Even on my bad days when I am demotivated because its raining Stella still needs her walks so that is the key when I can wrap up and focus on what needs to happen and maybe I could try the 5:2 diet when I hit the plateau that will come just to keep my body from knowing what to expect. 

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