The drawback of living on the edge of a wood 

The are plenty of positives to living on the edge of Fridaywoods but this beautiful owl lived up to its name, the screech owl, was practicing last night around midnight.  I’ll defer to those more knowledgeable than I to tell us more about the screech owl and invite them to comment below please?  There was …

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Quakers A good start to the day 

All the best nutritionists say “don’t skip breakfast” and that a high fiber breakfast will fill you up until lunchtime

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Mini heatwave, well according to the weatherman 

Since Wednesday they’ve been predicting a mini heatwave this, the penultimate weekend of September 2017. Well the first picture shows grey skies, to the west, and the second, Red sky in the morning, according to the old rhyme that’s shepherds warning!  Its 6.30am Stella and I are on the garrison walk, which may turn toward …

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The colour of September 

It really annoys me seeing dog owners with their dog off the lead on a busy main road. 

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Fall is coming in Fridaywoods 

It’s a some what grotty Wednesday evening in September, but the weatherman says we are in for a revival of an Indian Summer this weekend. 

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Inspired by the 2 princes, why don’t we men talk about our feelings?

This is inspired by Princes William and Harry who have sparked off the big debate

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Am I ranting too much

I started blogging on fromhelltoeternity to get over losing my father which was hurting too much, thru this i became interested in psychology and sociology and started theamateursociopsycologist . I was going from strength to strength, so when i had the chance to start this site, i jumped at it. True to my word it has been …

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Pointer pose

A chilly evening walk in Fridaywoods 

A 4am start saw me in Stockport by 9am this morning a few miles from a certain footballers appearance in magistrates court and a visit to Fridaywoods is pending. Well I’m home after a 470 mile roundtrip I have a rather nice dinner of chicken, veg and (My favourite) new potatoes. Now Stellas on the …

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