The lone Raven watcher for Lucifer

Lucifers watcher the line Raven

Lucifers watcher

Stepping out with Stella I aware of a lone Raven watching us, stories would have me believe the line raven is Lucifers watcher,  not that I believe it.

The sun is in a dappled cloudy sky, shining thru but as it’s distance from planet earth increases the temperature is not so grand. The clouds on one side look akin to a tsunami but on the other a bag of cotton wool balls whose bag has split.

Turning on to Ramparts lane the tree canopy broken by the Razor wire of the Military Correctional Training Centre resembles a broken tunnel that’s beauty hides death that will soon hibernate


The peregrine falcon has been photographed around here this summeŕ


A female Adder basking but defensive

I am not sure about the Falcon but the Adder I know will soon sleep.

The ferns are dying back and the gnarly oaks leaves prepare to turn brown as the tree draws it’s life force back into it’s trunk to sustain life thru the colder months.

I’m turning left and left again returning to the estate but walking a path we’ve not walked for some time.

The trees leaves are turning yellow as the clorophyl empties from them and soon the path which crunches below my feet will soon be greasy and slippery as the dying leaves yield their form back into the earth and some of the acorns may survive the squirrels and the cold to yield a new oak sapling but then it’ll have to survive the gang mower too. 257

The ex military side of me can’t help locating gpmg nests or sniper or ambush sites or defensive cover from the former but then I haven’t found any empty shell casings around the woods for a while.

But Lucifers watcher is no longer in site.


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