Pending doom in the beauty 

Webs bush

Several webs in a lone bush

Walking Stella this morning I’m struck by the the infinite amount of Spiders webs look beautiful in the morning dew. There beauty is enhanced by the sinister pending doom of every strand of their existence.

Spiders web

To the left I see the spider lurking, could this be a false widow web?

Glistening in morning sunlight waiting for an unsuspecting creature on the wing to send signals of their pending doom, their struggle the signal of their own doom.


Unsuspecting flies, this trap awaits

I’m told that the nastier and venomous False Widow is more prevalent this year but I’ve not seen as many alleged bites on Facebook or other social media.

Before I heard about the false widow I heard stories of spider bites and dismissed them as fanciful, probably nothing more than a nasty mosquito bite, but then stories of the existence of these sinister creatures started circulating and pictures of alleged bites on social media and in the media on general.

Mostly found in the Warmer southern areas of the United Kingdom these spiders are acknowledged as the most dangerous spider inhabiting these islands.

False Widow bite

The sinister wound left by a false widow bite

Handling these spiders is I’ll advised and checking warm dark cupboards or rarely used shoes or boots is advised before shoving your hand or foot inside.

They like to keep themself to themself and will only bite, like most species, in defence of themselves. They are also web spinners inhabiting a dense web and devouring what ever sets off the alarm. 266

But it goes without saying most of the species of spider that share these islands with us are harmless and do more good than harm, keeping down stocks of flies and clueless wasps, gnats and mosquitos and other insects that we dont wish to share our environment with.


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