Why do apps help motivation and achievement 


My fitness apps, motivation and achievement all on one page

The most recent app added to this page on my phone is active 10, aiming to get users moving for 10 minutes above their normal pace. It’s visual markers of success are simple and motivation and achievement is inspired as you simply to see the light green panel turn darker, twice a day for me at the moment. 

I have used map my walk and map my dog walk on and off but I am more loyal to Runtastic which all do tge same thing track your walk by GPS on a map or terrain whichever the user chooses.

Mfp needs no introduction as it’s growing in popularity add motivation and achievement however it’s one of the best nutrition and activity tracking apps, link the likes of Runtastic to it and it’ll calculate your calorie burn itself then all you need to do is add your intake.

Runningheroes is like nectar for sports people and runners motivating you by giving you points and bonus prizes via a draw that you have to qualify for by completing so many runs or gaining so many points.

I’m not going to detail all the apps but they all have some form of visual marker of success and motivate the user by visual steps to see how you’ve done. Some of the apps are back ups for the others like timer i use with you tube videos others are more obvious.

complying with My mantra that I can only do my best I don’t see failures as anything more than another motivator, for e.g. not achieving 2 active 10s doesn’t mean I didn’t try.

I have, in the recent past, become a little obsessed but now my aim to lose weight is an aim, but equally I don’t think I am unfit but then the accursed BMI says I am.a little overweight but equally it suggest that some if the world’s greatest rugby players are obese,.Go figure.


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