A wet walk over the Wick 


I swear Stella thinks she’s a pointer, tails letting her down

A brief walk over the Wick

Stella and I are off, over the wick for a brief walk. Come with us as we prepare to lose this ground which should by rights be a nature reserve.


The gateway to the magnificent middlewick ranges

Look thru the fences and cannot help but think how many houses could they build in there if they absolutely must.

I don’t know if the battle for the this place as we walk over the wick, is lost. They say it’s so that people can move out of London. So they move from one sprawling metropolis to create another one, that figures somehow. NOT

Now it occurred to me via another conversation I had, that a thousand homes potentially brings around 3000 plus people, the local doctors surgery is already overwhelmed and you have to know a fortnight in advance that you’re going to be ill, so what are they going to do with all those extra names.

Then there’s

  • Schools
  • Dentists
  • And roadways

Along side which the development on Tollgate and other proposed developments on Great Try just outside Colchester if you assume that all the developments are of a 1000 houses and assume a capacity of 3000 people that is 9000 who will bring cars and health problems with them.

Minds far greater than mine will argue and debate other things that don’t even occur to me. However I’ll ask you this,

Where does it stop?

Will the mass exodus from the capital leave derelict tower blocks and offices that the greed of capitalism will redevelop to, or maybe ‘re brand.

I’ve asked this before but what will our grandchildren be inheriting possible Museums of trees with digital or perhaps holographic imagery of trees and forests.

Will we need the enterprises holo decks to experience nature or wildlife I hope not.

Also will it be British digger and crane drivers and builders and hod carriers, plasterers, carpenters and electricians doing the building, even after #Brexit I am afraid I doubt it.

The wick I’ve blogged several items on, is home to some rare species some if which we may not wish our dogs to stick their noses into


A female Adder

However others are harmless

Copper red

The copper red butterfly

But all deserve there space.

There maybe little that rise up against the human metropolis in the UK unlike India where tigers and Conrad etc may take human lived but the phrase “we come in peace” coulď easily be being said to us by the lives we slay, soon their response maybe that of me trump ” shoot to kill”

It also strikes me that whenever we as a race get too dominant new disease and existing ones mutate to render our defences harmless while they lay humanity to the sword.

Will we never learn

Ok my vehicles to make my point maybe a little far fetched but do they not make a point.


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