Fall is coming in Fridaywoods 


The first fresh fall of leaves

Grotty Wednesday

It’s a some what grotty Wednesday evening in September and i am off into Fridaywoods, but the weatherman says we are in for a revival of an Indian Summer this weekend.

I certainly didn’t feel summery this morning, I woke up with the worst headache I can ever recall, but 2 paracetamol and 2 ibuprofen with a second dose of paracetamol sorted that.


Stella the ever loyal Staffy

Stella and I are out for our evening walk with grey clouds overhead. So who knows we may get wet before we’re home. It’s not cold although i am wearing my work fleece.

Ramparts lane is starting to have a more yellow canopy but the leaves are mostly still attached with a couple of chestnuts at the top of the lane displaying their bushy bristled fruit, or are they nuts?

Make me think of Christmas

Two big holly bushes make me think of Christmas most of the leaves I don’t recognise for sure though.


What are these?

Colours of autumn

The leaves are a rich variance of browns, yellows, gold and even red

It’s only a short walk tonight as the rain seems more likely, and in fact even more likely as a distant rumble of thunder is heard.

The lush greens will soon be gone and the drab brown of the winter will rule. I will be wrapped up either in my work jacket, a fluorescent yellow. Or my wax jacket, but no it’s not one of those.

Stella seems reluctant herself turning off Ramparts lane on to the path back into Fridaywood green and home.

I cannot help but wonder if I’ve got the first signs of a cold. Which would explain the headache this morning.

A  squirrel spots up the nearest tree sitting above watching us pass by. Stella has a scent. Hardly looking up to check on her location or mine even bobbing for wee so making me stop in my tracks.


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