The colour of September 

Colours of September

The changing colours of September

September in all it glory

The army are on manoeuvres in the woods so Stella and I are off for a different view of Fridaywoods via Boundary rd in early September.

Berechurch Hall Rd is still mostly  a lush green with a splash of yellow thrown in, with a liberal sprinkling of chestnuts, which I would pick but I’ve no clue what I’d do with them.

The road is still busy with people returning home from work.

Stella seems equally curious and annoyed, curious as we are off the normal track, annoyed as she’s still tethered to me by the lead.

It really annoys me seeing dog owners with their dog off the lead on a busy main road.

Berechurch Hall Rd

The best Berechurch Hall Rd has to offer

We’re getting near the turn into Boundary Rd and the verge is a mess of litter, beer cans and wrapping from a certain well known fast food chain who’s motif is 2 adjoined golden arches and to my surprise some of those yoghurt drinks yiur supposed to swallow for breakfast, you know the ones with the probiotic. Might I suggest those on community service may serve the community by littler picking.

Boundary Road

Turning on to Boundary Road things are tidyer and less frantic. The fields that were until recently wheat or barley, are now straw, which used to be burnt when I was a child.

American fire engine

An oddity which has me curious

Deathly brown

A fern turns brown as it dies off

We’ll turn into the woods in a minute near where the fee spoil the fun dir the many as their habits have seen the nearby car park blocked off.

Doctor who

The doctor isn t very subtle

I’m surprised there’s no real colour change over this side apart from a lot of dead berries. Back in the summer I’ve seen hirse riders and dog walkers a plenty over here.

The reason for the longer walk a nice plate of chicken and pasta for dinner, I did say I like the winter warmers.

I am wary as adders have been seen over this way but never by me.

We’re coming back on to one of our normal routes now but it’s not one I’ve walked for a while.
Another pair of porta loos blight the path but they’ll be gone soon as the army manoeuvres finish.

We are on to Ramparts lane now, turning left back toward the estate. Stella seems duly beaten as she Saunders by my side stopping to sniff then having to catch me up.

The woods seem more lively tonight, more sound and not just the noise of rifle fire. More chestnuts dangle over head as we approach the fallen oak, that fell earlier this year during a storm.

A family approach the lane with 4 border collies, Stellas pet hate, it almost borders on racism.

The mighty and tall evergreen pines aren’t yet dominating the the canopy as the majority is still green.


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