Running on Caffeine 


Early morning fuel

First Coffee

It’s a 3.30am start for me on this Thursday morning, first coffee sat at home. Next walk the dog grab my lunch bag and away. Contents of lunch bag

  • Thermos flask, coffee of course
  • Go ahead bar
  • Alpen bar
  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Tangerine
  • Bottle of squash

I’m writing this on site at my collection as the loads not ready until 6am so I have time to burn. Already opened the flask to have my second cup of coffee, (first from flask)

Vanessa Feltz, on BBC radio 2, is keeping me company until I’m called in to load, my favourite part of her show is without doubt the Friday pholological challenge, I’ve never actually sent it in, but the idea us to take the 4 words given on the 4 preceding days and run them up into a sentence.

The Coffee kick continues

I so need the caffeine to kick in, my eyelids are still heavy but not to a level which will cause problems. Clicking my trip computer over to break, as I’m not on tachograph because I’m in a van again today.

London is my first destination  once I leave here, down near the Olympic stadium, which is now West Hams home ground, then back to Witham.

Sitting here watching truck after truck get loaded is galling as the yardsman claims mine is not ready, makes me wonder if it’s ready but he doesn’t want to break his routine, but then they’ll get charged waiting time.

It’s still dark outside and it 5.30 the only light is from yards either side of the road and a couple of offices.
I contemplate the notion of another cup of coffee but need the flask to last until 8am at least.

An early bin lorry powers past, temporarily blinding me with its rear spot lamps,  lighting up the Rubbish compactor.


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