Mini heatwave, well according to the weatherman 


Grey skies

Grey skies over Colchester

Shepherd's warning

Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning

Since Wednesday they’ve been predicting a mini heatwave this, the penultimate weekend of September 2017. Well the first picture shows grey skies, to the west, and the second, Red sky in the morning, according to the old rhyme that’s shepherds warning!


Stella on the prowl

The Garrison Walk

Its 6.30am Stella and I are on the garrison walk, which may turn toward fridaywoods or the wick depending on Stellas decision.

The verge that approached the foreboding razor wire of the garrison is overgrown with long grass and white flowers. A single bird sings a top a tree out of sight of us.

The bushes are virtually devoid of blackberries, they’re at easier picking level for the children to forage with their parents and just as easy for the birds to devour.

We round a corner and find yourself within 200 metres of Stella’ s pending decision, Wick or woods?

The first glimmer of sun

Is it possible they were right

Is it possible they got it right, as the first glimmer of sun illuminates some of the army living quarters.

Dried up berries

More dried up berries


Is the old rhyme wrong

Dried Up

More dried up blackberries mark our turn Stella’ s choice toward the Wick as the sunbeams make me question the old rhyme?

The autumn colours of this side of Colchester are a fantastic mix,

  • Mostly green
  • Reds
  • Gold
  • Yellow
  • And the odd brown

There’s no temperature yet, so im.glad of my fleece.

Colchester is yet to come to life, but then there’s still crossing Mersea Rd ahead.

We’re out on to the Willows estate now which begins with one of our favourite chippy’ s in Colchester fish n chicken. There are still cars on virtually every drive, not all people, or dogs it appears, want to be out this early on a Saturday morning.

My phone beeps, I’ve been walking thirty minutes but it’s just registered my furst active 10.

We’re in to mersea rd which seems a little more lively, but then it always is, it is the only main road onto the island, via the strood.


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