The good of a hound 


Stella the best therapy money can buy


The benefits of having a dog in  the home are multiple layered

  1.  Exercise 2 or 3 walks a day are good exercise for you both
  2. Getting away from the roads and the throng of civilisation
  3. I challenge any dog owner to tell me they don’t share their innermost thoughts (god help us if they ever learn to talk)
  4. Stroking a dogis therapeutic for both you and the dog although Stella does tell you where she wants stroking.

I think you get the point, for some of us dogs are a professional interest but even that stems from a love of dogs.

For her Faults

For her faults is a great dog, bought from a friend on or around my 40th her patience of my professional delays of her walks amaze me, living in a second floor flat, but then when work allows she cannot complain either with at least one of her walks being over 30 minutes.

Right now i’m watching the sun come up on a rainy Thursday morning. Remembering how my Dad loved the dawn, watching and listening to the world come to Life. There were 2 ways he’d do this, on an early run for his employer, or with me fishing on a Saturday morning. But then I do the former myself but haven’t been fishing for around 8 years.

Right now my head is clear, I’m relaxed before my day starts. I’m driving up the A1 Between Peterborough and Stamford.

There’s a gentle rain in the air, but im not bothered I’ll get back to the flat dry Stella and then my day will begin in earnest, making pack ups, and may be a flask, having a quick breakfast as detailed in yesterday.

Sure there are drawbacks to having a dog but the pro’s far outway the con’s


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