The drawback of living on the edge of a wood 

Screech Owl

Beautiful but noisy little blighter


The are plenty of positives to living on the edge of Fridaywoods but this beautiful owl lived up to its name, the screech owl, was practicing last night around midnight.

I’ll defer to those more knowledgeable than I to tell us more about the screech owl and invite them to comment below please?

There was a time when even the hurricane of Oct 1987 in the UK, couldn’t disturb me, I missed all the excitement. 

I’ve heard them several times when I walk Stella but never seen one and I’m told that Fridaywoods also host the biggest of the British species of Owl, but how true this is I cannot say.

Then thinning about it from.what I’ve seen this summer in the woods it wouldn’t be to hard to believe, with

  • Mice
  • Voles
  • Adders
  • Slow worms
  • Grass snakes

and plenty of other wildlife inhabiting the woods and by day the buzzards and kites are on the hunt, I’ve seen evidence of their skills when a friend sent me a photo of a headless adder. But it’s not difficult to believe that something needs to dominate in the hours of darkness.

Im not sure how they fit in the food chain, but I’ve also seen bats which I know take care of the moths etc but being what they are, if an owl was quick enough it’s not hard to imagine a bat being prey.

 Saturday morning 

It is Saturday morning now, just after 7am and I’m up and out with Stella


Stella thinks she’s a pointer, but hasn’t got the tail right

We are on the 3 mile garrison walk and Colchester is coming to Life, the runners are doing their thing as are the early cyclists. Something seems to have the seagulls rattled but then why so many, Is there a storm at sea?

A golfer is practicing his swing, on the rugby pitch, a lone walker probably recovering from the night before stops for what turns I out to be an inane chat hardly coherent, I make my excuses and leave quickly.

Stella has a scent, her nose to the floor only just aware that im here, stopping every 20 seconds or so to let me catch up, then looks at me as if to say “you’re too slow” little does she realise I’m not interested in the hunt.

Turning across the rugby pitches to avoid Berechurch Hall Roads increasing traffic as much as possible Stella picks up a new scent but at least it won’t end with a cow or worse a bull like it did earlier in the week, thankfully a gate and large hedge divided them.

Seagull Raid

Stella hares off on a pointless seagull raid, as guess what Stella they can fly, she doesn t seem to learn this, but I suppose it’s good exercise as for a 9 year old she still has a turn of speed.

Stellas tethered to all 15st of me now as we near the Road but a hedge divided us from the traffic as Stella forgets and tries to drag the extra 15stone into chasing a solitary crow.

The sky is a foreboding mixture of whites and greys. There’s a chill in the air but it’s not tgat cold and it doesn’t appear to be going to rain for now at least.

The countryside has given way to a concrete forrest of one of the newer estates that dominates Colchester, but I’m going to avoid ranting about my feelings on that.

Bye for now!


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