Do, or do not there is no Try 

Yoda wisdom

Try? Do or Do Not there is no Try

Named your fear must be!

I was recently inspired by finishing a book it has taken me a long time to finish, not because I wasn’t  enjoying it, but because life was getting the best of me again, but you’ll find my review of “stepping out of the clouds!” By Emma Triplett in Booklister my book review site.
In the closing chapters of the book Emma writes about what you focus on is your reality, and your imagination creating your reality and her words remind me of the galaxy’s oldest and smallest hero, Master Yoda from the Star wars movies but he is brilliant.

Try? Do or Do Not, there is no Try!

I used to question this. But then I realised you don’t try, you DO. You decide you’re going to try something but when you do, you DO it. You decide you like it or you decide you do not.

My Best Escape

My regular readers no my best escape, Stella. If she could talk about my rants then I think is be in trouble.

Why did I start Booklister, because i want to motivate myself to read, if I don’t read or listen to books I’ve nothing to add to the site?

Then there’s Friendlytravelguide which a friend took on and asked me to blog on, this site is filled with memories and things you might say I am starting a bucket list with and I invite others to add their experiences and bucket list things at so that the site can grow and inspire further readers.


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