October and there’s still not much brown 


Splashes of yellow but mainly green.

2nd of October

It’s the second of October. It’s still not cold or at least as cold as it should be for October, and few majority of the leaves are still green.

There s the odd splash of yellow and some brown but the majority of the trees bordering Ramparts lane are still green.

Also it’s 5.30 and it’s still light enough to see a good distance.

There are some fallen leaves the majority being from oak trees.

Soon the temperature will plummet, and within a day the deciduous trees will be bereft of leaves. Those who don’t take care of the cars will be summoning their breakdown service.


Dark clouds overhead

Over head Dark Clouds

Clouds gather and the air changes it begins to smell of rain.

Age has taught me what “it’s beginning to smell like rain means” as I never really understood what my Dad meant when he said it. But the air gets a fresher almost sweet smell I’ve no idea why, my only educated guess is that it could be ozone O3.

The berries are now beyond ripe but there’s still no brown, equally there’s little or No birdsong however I’m being mobbed, mobbed by midges suddenly they’re more occupied by a dragon fly, I’ve never been grateful to see a dragon fly before but then they’re such well designed creatures and no threat to me.

Dying off for the winter

Fern dying off for the winter

Finally some brown, as the fern dies back. The clouds grow darker and more foreboding. Gladly the end of our evening walk draws close, it’s going to be a race between us and the rain though.

Loyal dog

Stella my loyal Staffy

Stella, she’s her normal self taking everything in her stride. If it ain’t food or trying to pick a fight she is not interested


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