Fasting Day fitness, well i think so  


A meal in a shell


I started the day in my usual way, white coffee, no sugar.

My packed lunch

  • 2 litres orange and mango diluted of course
  • 1 banana
  • An Apple
  • 1 tangerine
  • a tub of ham
  • 2 go ahead bars

My dinner a simple plain omelette, 2 eggs.

Well according to my fitness pal I’ve only had 600 calories today and it allows me 2100 so that must be a good thing.

Everything is low,

  • Protein
  • Carbs
  • Fats
  • Sugars


So if my limited understanding of the Metabolism is correct then my body will burn 1500 calories from its own fat stores, now I know I’m not obese my BMI maybe slightly high but I’m at nest overweight.

Regular readers of fromhelltoeternity will know my goals and why I’m conscious of my weight, but I fluctuate between 14 and half and 15 and half stone.


Stella the best fitness aide money can’t buy

You’ll also know my biggest and best fitness Aide, Stella, who gets around 5 miles of walks each day more at the weekend

Now I know, I can fill my plate with vegetables which I’ve no objection to, except I am not a big fan of Cauliflower. I’ve also cit out 90% of the bread and since this time last year my sugar intake has been greatly reduced apart from the odd cup of tea which has to have sugar in.

My working day is largely sedentary, I drive around 200 miles a day in my job as a courier so Stella is the only quality exercise I get for now. I keep the pace up and try to achieve both 10000 steps per day and achieve my 2 active 10s.


Simple but effective guide to pickup speed

That’s 2 in a row, BOOM!

I try to throw into the mix a short but explosive hill climb labouring my gluteals maximus, yes I mean my butt.


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