Stella, you’ve a cows chance in Hell

Big dogs

Cows on the path

Bull Terrier

Ok the words Staffordshire Bull terrier combined with cows ahead is something Stella might like the sound of, but not me, first Stella,.you work as a pack and secondly you’re a bitch with not much weight behind you.

So we have, much to Stellas disgust, turned on to a different route, going towards Mersea Rd instead of Ramparts lane.

It’s a while since we’ve been this way and there’s still a great deal of colour but not a lot of brown either.

We cross another walker with a cute black spaniel which to my pleasant surprise ignores Stella and walks on with her tennis ball firmly in her mouth. We part with a friendly warning that there are cows on his track.

Active 10

Active 10 notification sounds I’ve done it, 3 days in a row, two ten minute brisk walks.


3 in a row

We are our out on to Mersea Rd, passing Wick lane, I’m keeping the pace up as the clouds don’t look very friendly and I’m not wearing a jacket.

Turning back into the woods, via cherry tree lane, we pass the cadet centre which is all locked up, I hope the car that rushed passed knows the lye of the land as he’s not going to have much stopping time.

A lone pigeon takes to the sky upon seeing our approach,

We are back into Fridaywoods and the rain is holding off, for now, it’s deathly quiet, the sort of scene you’d find in the opening of a film which would either see me find a gruesomely murdered body or if be the first victim.

We are into the last turn back thru the main field and into the back of the estate and home  well ahead of time.


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