Clouds and windy start to a Thursday 

Wind tunnyl

A windy Ramparts lane

5.30 Start

Another 5.30 clock on, so I was up at 4.30 and my best mate Stella


Stella on a prowl

needed her walk, being that time it was still dark so I didn’t actually walk along Ramparts lane, we took in part of the garrison walk.

By Comparison with the British Virgin islands

To say it was windy was a definite understatement, not so windy to carry the threat level that the British Virgin islands has seen lately but enough to take your breath away, during the gusts at least.


Part of the garrison walk

As the sun rises it rises behind the clouds, a thick blanket that would yield snow if it were colder.

Stella almost seems reluctant to be there, if she wasn’t tethered to me via her lead I think she’d do what she needs and would run home(as she’s done before)

Getting into the van to start my day, the vans getting battered like a piece of cod in a chip shop. I drive across Colchester gingerly as the wind is erratic, and then onto Chelmsford.

My Job

The grey clouds have given way to heavy rain and I’m in the sticks now waiting to load my second job, the company I work for Redhead couriers is growing quite a large fleet.

  • 3 18 tonne lorries
  • 3 7.5 tonne trucks
  • A range of 14 vans

The clouds have gone out toward the North sea and the rain has gone with it. Looking to my right I see this

North sea

Grey clouds disappearing over the sea

and the sky over me is a spattering of blue with now fluffy white clouds but the wind is also evident as the clouds are moving very quickly.

Traffic going towards the old port of Tollesbury is light, facing down the track I can see all the traffic approaching as I wait for my customer. A large flock of seagulls is picking worms from the Lloyd field next to me as the massive cloudbank moves even further away over the coast.


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