Stella the Staffordshire bull terrier 

Looking good

Looking good for a 9 year old, or 63 in her terms.

Come November

Come November the first Stella our Staffordshire Bull Terrier will be 9 or 63 whichever way you see it. I now I’m slightly biased but she’s doing well, she’s in good shape and (touch wood) has no medical problems apart from having her anal gland emptied 4 to 6 times a year.


Stella eager to get going

She’s lost some of her sustained speed and ,thankfully,  doesn’t run quite so hard after the poor Rabbits, I’m not sure if this is her age or knowledge that makes her give up, knowledge that she will not win.

She can still enjoy a sustained walk, regularly, especially at the weekend walking for over an hour around the garrison or the Wick or her favourite Fridaywoods.

The thing with fridaywoods is it’s easy to escape for hours within minutes feeling like you’re nowhere near civilisation, when in fact you’re only a short walk from help.

Living in a second floor flat I think we are extremely lucky with Stella

Old girl

Come on old girl

she’s content on two good walks a day and with my erratic work pattern she seems to have a good constitution, she’ll greet when Lou is home but has never let me down.

Apart from her continuing dislike of most, other dogs she is fantastic one if the few dogs who’ll let you touch her dinner or bone, where even some of our most placid canine friends would not let you do that.

Going grey

Stella is going grey

The only tell of Stella’s  the Staffordshire Bull Terrier age

The only give away of Stella’ s age is her greying snout otherwise youd never know she has no apparent joint problems or any difficulty keeping pace with me.

Stellas temperament is equally brilliant, except as I say with other dogs, she loves kids, and I love seeing her get petted by kids especially as she is a staffy.

I was once at a car wash, with Stella, when a lady pulled in next to me and her children wanted to stroke the doggy, she looked up and snapped No! It’s a staff.

I have to say I held my decorum even though I wanted to go for her, she had made a snap and biggoted judgement.

What more immediate seed of fear can anyone give a child, a better and more welcome approach would have been “ask the man if it’s ok!”

I digress, I am writing this whilst on the garrison walk, as I’m currently avoiding fridaywoods because the cows keep escaping.


Ushered off of Ramparts lane

It’s not the farmer who is at fault though, it’s negligent walkers or runners who don’t shit the gate behind them, I dont believe dog walkers would do it so much as we know the danger of a dog upsetting a herd of cows.


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