From small acorns large oak trees grow 

Oak tree

From small acorns grow large oak trees

When started blogging some 3 or 4 years ago, on fromhelltoeternity little did I expect to enjoy it, writing from the heart as it flowed, rather than thinking about it, filtering out things, it was honest

That was a proverbial small acorns planted, I read as a wrote I read others blogs and began to realise there was potentially money to be made, and earlier this year I started this blog, allornothingblog my first self hosting site, I added Google adsense to the site after some persistence, and the small acorn broke ground with a fresh green shoot, then an old friend asked me to come in on a site he had bought friendlytravelguide and I did so but adsense didn’t appear even though I listed it, I gave infolinks a go but didn’t make a penny so that acorn died, however a fresh seed has recently been planted on both these and my latest site booklister on which I now have affiliate links to Amazon products, I am only learning how best to use the affiliation, but another small shoot is growing. 

I have been bitten by get Rich quick schemes in the past so I’m not forecasting being a miwionaire to coin a Del  Trotter phrase, but then it did eventually work out for them briefly. 

Someone recently taught me,.or more honestly reminded me, you make your own luck. 

As my sites grow and I post more and more then my exposure grows and the possibility of links being clicked grows larger day by day, but I enjoy the blogging so it’s a no lose situation. 


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