The hardest decision of them all

Hardest decision

My ever faithful staffy Stella

Pure Emotion

Reading the post linked above, the pure emotion of the piece, was what made me think it was written so perfectly. It didn’t need pictures, your mind painted a picture for you from cinnamon and sparkles words.

Although I have had dogs around me for most of my 45 years. I have never had to make that final heart wrenching decision. In my life time my mother and father made that decision, 6 times, the final time being dear old Tara, a rotty crossed with a retriever crossed with a greyhound, let me assure you though she was as soft as they come.

They made that decision several more times than 6 though because they had at least Penny and Patch before I came along.

Loving Dog Owner

It seems to be part of being a responsible loving dog owner. You very rarely hear someone say their dog died naturally in his sleep.

The vets have a hard job to do as well. Not only telling the owner that there’s little hope. But the dog is,  in pain and that the merciful thing to do is to “put the dog to sleep!” The vet also has to administer the lethal dose. I for one, admire them.fir this alone.

I recently heard an emotional story on BBC radio 2 of *****s final walk, the owner was looking for people to join him, and his dog, to say farewell as the dog was being put to sleep, what a courageous decision.

Everyone i hear these stories the overwhelming emotion and love is the thing I cannot get passed, you never find yourself doubting the decision.

I certainly hope when that time comes I have the strength to make the decision.



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