After a long day in London 

Long day

A long day in the Capital

After a long day in London, it’s nice to come home to a dog waiting for her walk and to get out in  the air and slow down and chill, even though it’s dark and im writing In the light of street lamps. 

A drawn out unload at Alexandra palace for an exhibition, then out to thurrock and back into our fine Capital, only to have massive delays getting out,.and then an accident on top of that. 

Getting home to Stella wagging her tail is a god send and never fails to cheer me up, even though Stella is actually busting, but she’s never let us down.


Stella at her most lively

We walked a little part of the Garrison walk mainly because it’s lit as I already explained although I had to case Stella off a few unwelcome scents and things she was trying to sample, I don’t think I wanna know what? 

Stella is now padding along on her lead (it annoys me seeing dog owners who walk their dog on a roadside but off the lead) Stella gave up pullinga while ago, I think mainly because she’s not going to get me moving any faster, probably because I’m a full tilt or more over I’m to stubborn to even try a go faster. 

Colchester is already quietening down except for a sire nearby, whether police ambulance or fire service I cannot report however more sirens have joined the chorus definitely a different siren, so things don’t sound great.  

Bye for  now

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